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"I have often been rated as having excellent negotiating skills in my work, however, this course challenges your thinking, I would recommend it to anyone that uses negotiating as a key competency. I liked the way you make the student go through a few times before the answers are given. The length of the modules were just right."
Rhonda Daniels, Toronto
"I've done considerable negotiating in my profession as an Insurance Claims Representative, but the course opened me up to a much broader understanding of the process, and showed me that there can be multiple solutions to a problem in any relationship. It then showed me how to explore those solutions to come up with the most agreeable one.

I like the fact it was on-line and I could proceed at my own pace on days where I was not exhausted from work."
L. John Sullivan
"Excellent! The situations were different but the skills required seemed to build gradually. I learned that my first instincts were not necessarily the best choices. I had to think of the other person's position and anticipate what would work with him/her. I liked the variety and the animation. The voices were perfect."
Judy Cohen, School Administrator
"It challenged me to think. It explained and guided. It was accessible. True to life examples"
Clayton Wilson, Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago
"The course gave the participant the opportunity to negotiate and make wrong choices but still be able to repeat the scenario to discover a better deal (or not to get hit in the face). The role playing done in the relative safety of your own office, without too much pressure, meant that I did not get frustrated and give up - thinking that my negotiating skills were bad."
Martha Barnes, Senior Property Manager
"Excellent. Each module really challenged you to think of how you would react in realistic situations. The module notes are extremely beneficial in explaining the negotiation process for each simulation. I enjoyed the interactive aspect, loved the animated voices and comments they would make. It felt very realistic."
Brenda Halloran, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
"Excellent! The course was easy to negotiate and very realistic in the scenarios it offered for negotiation. I also appreciated the touch of humour here and there. I liked its interactivity. I particularly liked the opportunity to try each scenario a number of times using various responses. The notes were also extremely helpful and because I was able to print them, I will be able to re-read them in the future when I feel I need to remind myself of the techniques."
Nancy Watson, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
"Excellent. The course was a perfect refresher for the ADR Workshop I attended and I also find it useful for introducing others to the negotiation concepts. The animations of the characters were appropriate to make the negotiations very realistic."
Manzur Mohammed, Caribbean Bottlers (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited
"I found it easy to concentrate when there was no time line, especially after a day at work."
Robert File, Ontario Ministry of Labour
"I surprised myself when I realized I had sat for 5 1/2 hours and completed the course in one sitting -- that more or less proves how engaging it was. Fabulous! Certainly informative and very educational, while easy and fun to use."
Lynn Catzman, Educator and former teacher
"One of the most worthwhile programs that I have ever taken, (and I've taken a lot of courses and seminars). I know it will help me in my business day."
Harvey Frankel, Real Estate Planner and Sales Representative
"Having an aversion to computer-based training, I was initially skeptical. Once into it I found it quite entertaining and could have sat and worked on it all morning. The modules were quite engaging, and the use of humour helped overcome some level of the frustration at times. The fact that you could go back to the start of the module, or last "completed" level and attempt to do better was a bonus - something you can't really achieve in a classroom setting. I liked being able to pick a deliberately positional option to see how the negotiation would have (or have not) progressed. This did involve my being punched in the nose at one point! Being able to do a module at a time was beneficial. I did a module a day so that it did not cause too much disruption to work, and had a chance to reflect on the notes from the previous module. The process is not as confronting as classroom training - may be an advantage to some people, so that they can explore different ways of communicating without feeling threatened or nervous. It gets you interested in the whole negotiating concept and I found I was quite disappointed when it was all finished!"
Julia Brett, Directorate of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, Russell Offices, Australia
"The course was excellent. It used problem-based learning which is a powerful mode of learning in an area which is practice-oriented. The course presented diverse settings and people which gave participants a depiction of what they would encounter in real life situations."
Craig Bloxham, Watson & Associates Barristers & Solicitors, Australia
"The course introduced lots of real life issues and caused me to think outside of the box. I liked the fact that it was interactive and animated."
Jacqueline Moe-Cox, JD Building & Domestic Maintenance, Barbados
"Excellent. The interactivity was great" and the way that the learning was presented so that ultimately you got it right, was a good way to teach negotiation. The level of interactivity and being able to identify my style of negotiation was the best part of the course."
Lee Eikov, USA
"I found the course material very useful and easy to understand. By actively doing what was being taught it was easier to internalize than just reading the material."
Sharon Everett, Canada
"Excellent. It made me think of different ways to deal with different problems and did a good job of putting me on the spot trying to find out the other person's bottom line. It was a difficult course that helped me to think and try to find out what the other person really wanted and whether I could satisfy their needs and interests as well as my own."
Maryanna Salem, Canada
"Excellent. The course was fantastic as it gave me the opportunity to make the shift from text book/in class learning to a 'hands on' practical approach to achieving win/win solutions."
Gareth Niall, Australia
"It was a different challenge every negotiation and I realized that you cannot necessarily use the same negotiation style with every person you encounter."
Nicole Baker, Australia
"Excellent. The modules took me through the different strategies of negotiation. The course is a good way of practicing and improving one's negotiating skills. I liked having different options to choose from and getting feedback after each try. I also liked being able to explore all options. The scenarios are quite interesting and I always look forward to the next module."
Olufunmilola Ojelabi, Australia
"Some of the situations with the different negotiating styles were very realistic. I liked the fact that it was fun. It enabled me to associate certain types of negotiators with some of the scenarios and thus, made it easier to remember how to deal with the different types of negotiators."
Mary Jordan
"Excellent. It opens your mind to options that you would normally not consider. It encourages you to discuss other factors (underlying interests) relating to the issue, not just a narrow perception of the issue itself. I liked the way it opened my mind to exploring options I normally would not have chosen."
Tracey Dimech, Australia
"The course was good. Good graphics and I loved the diversity in characters. It was a good representation of the world at large. I liked the fact that the characters spoke. Hearing their voices added a different sphere to the negotiation. Sometimes I really felt as though I was negotiating with a real person. It felt wonderful. I always liked the diversity in the characters because in reality we face those types of people on a daily basis."
Alice Quaresma, Australia
"Excellent. It was fun and exciting. It was a good method of teaching, better then books. It allowed for an integrative approach to negotiation. I liked the interactivity of the course. It was fun and the notes explained what method of negotiation was used."
Sandra Costanzo, Australia
"Excellent. The notes were excellent - very detailed and clear, and provided really good reinforcement of the concepts learned from the scenarios. I could do the course in my own time, at my own pace, without missing out on anything if I was interrupted. I liked the scenarios - being able to choose different approaches and see their possible effects. They were all very challenging. It definitely provided me with different strategies to use in my professional and personal life."
Kate Robinson, Government of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
"Excellent course. The real-life options made this a good learning experience and your explanations of why the wrong options were less effective was very helpful. I liked the ability to try again when you didn't get the right answer the first time and the notes to print at the end so we have reference for future."
Mary Lou Minor, Canada Revenue Agency " Government of Canada
"The skills that you learn are essential in today's work environment, as well as your day-to-day dealings. This course opens other avenues of thought and allows you to work out the best option in any circumstance you may run into. The interactive learning, and the notes provided with the course allowed for explanation of the scenarios and you were allowed to work on the problems until you found the best possible solution."
Greg MacRae, Nunavut Department of Justice, Iqaluit, Canada
"Excellent. Scenarios were realistic and challenging. Working out realistic situations that are not always considered as negotiation was a real challenge."
Richard Taggart, Canada
"The animation was innovative and I liked the fact that if I got stuck I could ask for the answer."
Mark Lenarczyk, Ecolab, Ontario, Canada
"Excellent. I was able to relate a number of the on-line scenarios to actual negotiation situations I have been in. It gave me a little different perspective on how to approach some of these situations. I liked the convenience. I could take one of the courses when it best suited my time schedule."
Brent Raddyshe, Redhead Equipment Ltd, North Carolina, USA
"I liked the way the options presented were not obviously right or wrong in some cases so as to make the decision an easy one. Like in life sometimes there is more than one right way to do things...or so it may seem. I liked the fact that I could complete the course any time, anywhere, whenever it was convenient for me, and the excellent notes I could print for keeping."
Kristine Azzopardi, Maverick Consulting, Ontario
"Excellent. I appreciated being able to go back and take the units again until I had mastered them, as best I could, anyway. The graphics and voices were great, and the people talked as regular people would talk. Having a face in front of me was just as scary as having the actual person staring at me and I learned to overcome my fear and get my interests met. I liked being able to negotiate for once instead of just accepting the first things others told me."
Virginia Norris
"Excellent. It was very interactive and the information was real and the situations are things that happen every day."
Harrinarine Cassie
"The actual negotiation exercises are what I liked best. It was a great. I liked the mixture of business and every-day life situations."
Manzur Mohammed, Caribbean Bottlers (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited
"The course was good. I really enjoyed the challenge of the negotiations. The answers you thought were so obvious weren't. I loved the challenge and it has definitely given me new understanding and tools!! The scenarios were pertinent. It was challenging."
Stephanie Winsor, James Paton Memorial, St. John"s, Canada
"Good. Interesting and realistic situations."
David Rondeau, Winnipeg, Canada
"Good. I liked the interaction with the computer-generated people. I found it easy to concentrate when there was no time line, especially after a day at work."
Robert File, Ontario Ministry of Labour
"Excellent course. It was good to take the course at my pace and was very self-explanatory. The interactive part was excellent with the opportunity to replay and learn from your mistakes."
Ross Knipe, Advance Precision, Ontario
Desmond Colohan, Provincial Health Services Authority, Charlottetown, Canada
"The interactive exercises were excellent. The characters reactions were very realistic. I thought I was a good negotiator before your course, but I learned how to fix weaknesses I hadn't recognized, and new techniques to make my skills even sharper."
Bridget Arena, USA
"Excellent. The modules were challenging, but attainable. I liked the fact that I could do the course at my desk and at my own pace. It was also a good learning experience to be able to review the modules and try different responses to see different resolutions or results."
Martha Young, Martha Young & Associates, Windsor, Canada
"Overall, taking this course has been a fun, valuable, and enriching experience! I am highly pleased with what this course has to offer, and I will definitely recommend it to others! Not only were the flash animations creative, fun, and interesting, but the process of learning that the makers of this course design in order to teach people taking it is excellent, because of the level of active learning involved. Whenever I found I was on a roll but hit a speed-bump that took me back, the right hint was given at the right time, enabling me to continue on, and from there, I needed no more hints. I was able to put things together more effectively and make the decisions I needed to make on my own. The course offers explanations behind successful choices, as well as mistakes. The notes given after the course are a real eye-opener for anyone taking this course. After going through the simulation, and then reading the notes, it all starts to make sense why what happened ended up happening. You really get a look at the big picture. Plus, the notes, as well as recollection from experience, help you to consider things you may not have considered before. GREAT JOB!!! That's all. This is an EXCELLENT course!"
Patrick Prindiville, USA