Mediating Commercial Disputes Cover

Mediating Commercial Disputes

By Allan J. Stitt

Mediating Commercial Disputes demonstrates every aspect of how to conduct mediation effectively in today’s complex business world. Beginning with the basics, this resource explains what mediation is, the rationale behind it, and how it works. It then takes you step by step through every aspect of the mediation process. There are tips at the end of each chapter and numerous anecdotes. Formerly number one on the Business Books bestseller list.

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Mediating Commercial Disputes is a clear, concise and cogent presentation of the mediation process, with a particular emphasis on its use to resolve commercial disputes. It explains the theoretical foundations of mediation, as well as the ‘nuts and bolts’ behind how the process works and how to effectively participate…While its audience appears to be lawyers and mediators, the book’s clarity and content make it recommended reading for business people who will be participating in commercial mediation.

– Barbara J. Flick, Associate Professor, Notre Dame Law School

ADR Book Cover

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Organizations

By Allan J. Stitt

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a rapidly growing field, due to its popularity as an alternative to long and expensive lawsuits. This book is for people who work within organizations and are involved in disputes themselves, or for people who are required to deal with or resolve disputes. Formerly number one on the Business Books bestseller list.

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Stitt has produced a readable, step-by-step guide to systems design that will help organizations handle conflict more productively and efficiently.

– Drew Tulumello, Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard Law School