One of the ways that the Stitt Feld Handy Group training stands apart from the competition is the use of coaches during many of our workshops.

In addition to our great instructors, the Stitt Feld Handy Group has an impressive roster of workshop coaches who observe some of the small group role plays to provide guidance and give personalized feedback on the spot.

During each of our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Advanced ADR and Applied ADR workshops experienced coaches observe the mediation case studies. You will receive immediate and objective feedback, along with real-world insight into crucial mediation skills. During the Become a Powerful Negotiator Workshop, coaches observe two of the core case studies and provide guidance and tips to each participant so that you can get the best results in your real life negotiations.

Our coaches are experienced mediators, negotiation consultants, facilitators and professionals who have completed our training and have specific training and experience to act as coaches for our workshops. They allow for the case studies to run smoothly with optimal learning outcomes. If you forget a step, get stuck in the process or just run out of ideas, your coach will provide you with the appropriate guidance so that you get the most out of the experience. They will also identify all of the things that worked well so you can build on those strengths. Lastly, you will observe them providing feedback to other participants in your small group so you can learn from the experience and skills of others.


The coaches are a big reason I keep coming back! The suggestions, strategies, skills, feedback provided are extremely helpful and allow for growth and learning.

– Nina March, President, Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, Burlington, ON, Canada

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