The world has forever changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are still getting into disputes as often as before but it can be harder to effectively deal with those disputes. One effective tool for learning how to deal with disputes is online conflict resolution training. By taking courses like this, people can build their skills in conflict resolution. Virtual instructor-led conflict resolution training is a workshop that is led by live instructors in real time and involves consistent interaction among participants.

Virtual instructor lead conflict resolution training is done using video conferencing technology. People who take the workshop will be given an opportunity to learn a number of new skills to better their ability to resolve issues as these issues come up. Additionally, through the online conflict resolution training you have the ability to practise some of the skills that you are learning. You will be paired with many other people who are looking to build their skills and you will have opportunities to learn from each other as well as from experienced instructors.

Having the ability to interact with others in a live interactive environment is critical for skill building. When workshops are offered live a significant benefit is the ability to talk to and learn from others. That is why interaction is necessary for a successful virtual instructor-led conflict resolution training program. Experience shows that the learning potential of people who are taking the workshop is increased by the greater amount of interactivity offered. Participants will engage in different exercises with each other in their online conflict resolution training course, and these activities will build and strengthen their skills.

If you are interested in signing up for one of our online conflict resolution training workshops, or if you have any questions about doing the workshop over the Internet, one of our instructors would be happy to talk to you to answer your questions. Before we started doing virtual instructor-led conflict resolution training none of us were sure how it would work out. Now that we have had more experience offering this type of learning opportunity, we would be happy to share our experience with you. Learn more about these programs at

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