Life moves pretty fast for both you and your clients. It can feel like you have it coming at you from all sides: files are growing in complexity; tax and other rules keep changing; client expectations are increasing; and risk management is an ever-present concern, particularly if clients do not seem to want to address the personal elements of a file. The result can be files that stall, are not completed optimally or do not get completed at all.

The problem is not a lack of sound technical solutions or a lack of effort by professional advisors. It’s the unspoken issues some clients have trouble confronting, and you may not be comfortable discussing, such as: the challenge from a blended family; capacity issues; disability; advance care planning; mental health; addiction; gambling or other improvident spending; physician-assisted dying; business relationships and ownership succession; what to do in retirement; and how to be fair but not necessarily equal.

When you add these issues on top of existing challenges, it can look to clients like an insurmountable task to find viable solutions. As a result, the Estates, Trusts and Business Succession Planning are ripe with the potential for strong emotion and delays that can lead to client and advisor risk. However, you do not need a graduate degree in psychology to help clients navigate these issues more effectively and overcome the challenges of the planning process.

If you are a professional whose practice is related to Estates, Trusts or Business Succession, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you worry about the consequences for clients, their families or even for you if critical issues are not discussed or addressed appropriately?
  • Are you unclear how to identify or raise the issues that may be causing clients to delay or avoid making decisions altogether?
  • Do you strive to provide comprehensive, integrated “big picture” solutions to clients that address both technical issues and personal concerns?
  • Are difficult conversations with clients a stressful part of your job that distracts from other tasks?
  • Do you wish you had additional skills to manage these difficult conversations and assist clients with decision making in order to be more productive?
  • Are you interested in setting yourself apart from other advisors in the Estates, Trust and Business Succession areas?

This workshop has been specifically designed to help professional advisors in the areas of Estates, Trusts and Business Succession manage the difficult client conversations that arise in their practices with greater skill and confidence. You will learn the key themes that make conversations difficult and how to enhance your ability to manage those challenges in the context of Estates, Trusts and Business Succession practices. Insights into how people make decisions, including common judgment errors, will also be examined.

To optimize your learning, you will engage in practical and interactive discussions, exercises, and role plays focused on difficult conversations and decision making in Estates, Trusts and Business Succession Planning.

You will leave the workshop with specific tips and techniques to increase your ability to manage difficult conversations and client decision making related to Estates, Trusts and Business succession thereby reducing stress and risk while increasing productivity as well as advisor and client satisfaction.

For your convenience, a continental breakfast and catered lunch will be served each day of the workshop. Snacks, coffee and drinks will be available throughout the day.

Practical and Interactive Training

We offer intensive and interactive learning experiences for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and case studies using real world coaching situations. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your situation.

Who Should Attend?

Lawyers, accountants, insurance representatives, financial and wealth advisors, business succession advisors, trust and estate practitioners, gift planners and others will all benefit from the Mastering Difficult Conversations in Estates and Business Succession Workshop.

Personal Benefits

  • Overcome discomfort that can lead you and your clients to avoid certain conversations
  • Help clients to discuss their unspoken concerns to become their trusted advisor
  • Manage strong emotions and angry or upset people with less stress for everyone
  • Raise difficult topics clearly and confidently to promote better client communication
  • Increase your understanding of common decision making errors that can affect clients
  • Combine your new skills to develop frameworks for having more productive client conversations even if they are still difficult at times

Organizational Benefits

  • Improved client relations
  • Less stress and wasted time trying to address difficult conversations or topics
  • Fewer delays and incomplete files
  • Minimized risk of lawsuits or regulatory complaints for perceived advisor error
  • Increased professional satisfaction
Faculty of Law Seal

Graduates receive a certificate from the University of Windsor Law School.

I liked the quality of instructors, pace of learning and the workload. They were just right. Instructors were very effective, highly skilled at listening to comments, validating them and still keeping the learning process rolling. The role plays and exercises were valuable, challenging and even fun. They contributed a lot to the learning process.

– Brian Grant, Lawyer, Lerners LLP, Toronto, ON, Canada

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