Employee motivation is a continual challenge for businesses of all sizes, and it remains one of the most significant factors that determine productivity.

When many business owners think of motivation, employee bonuses and other perks often come to mind.

However, many managers are unaware that ongoing training and development programs are also proven to work as effective motivators: including adequate training for new hires, on the job training, and growth paths for aspiring leaders.

Motivating with Versatile Continuing Education

Most managers understand the importance of new hire training; however, research has shown that new hires may forget over 80% of what they learned after a few weeks.

The purpose of providing your employees with continuing education is to keep that important initial knowledge fresh, while providing new tools and resources for them to build upon.

Email communication is often utilized as a method of providing employees with a form of continuing education to remind them of training details or obligations they may have forgotten.

However, often a more desirable approach from the employee’s perspective is to incorporate new training and development programs.

Email communication may have its role within your organization because of its efficiency, but you may often find that your employees will be more consistent, skilled and motivated when you adopt more detailed approaches to continuing education.

Keeping New Hires Motivated

New hires can lose motivation if they are struggling with their transition and don’t have the resources they need to continue to develop after their initial training session.

Although some new hires may be able to adjust, it’s always beneficial to have specialized training and development programs available for them.

These programs can ease their transition into your organization and provide more consistency with their training over time, giving them the opportunity for the knowledge to sink in.

This type of training can help lower turnover, build creative teamwork, keep motivation high, and set a standard of performance and realistic expectations for new hires.

Helping Both the Company and Employees in the Long Term

Employees want to succeed for their personal lives, providing a better future for their family and themselves. Obviously, business leaders want them to succeed to service the business.

It’s up to company leaders if they want their training and development programs to do more than just help their employees do their current job better.

If leaders decide to also include personal growth and skill building into their ongoing training, employees will often be grateful and reward them with better performance, more motivation, and an authentic desire to want the company to be successful.

Most training programs can harness the innate drive that employees have to succeed at their job for a successful outcome.

But if supplementary skill training, personal development exercises, and even recreational events can be included, it can be a much richer and more rewarding experience for all parties in the long term.

Effective continuing education fuels a passionate workforce that is motivated towards both productivity and self-fulfillment. To learn more about the options available to your organization, contact us at (416)-307-0000.