I use this training almost everyday as I negotiate my way through the many contacts a principal has with staff, students, parents and School Board personnel. Thank you for a fabulous and very useful program!

Kathy Wosnick, Principal, York Region District School Board, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

This has been one of the most professionally conducted seminars in terms of content, presentation, usefulness in applying concepts to day to day and professional situations. It was easy to be engaged for the entire 4 days.

Pamela Green, Eaton Corporation, Fletcher, NC, USA

The ADR Workshop is simply the best program that I have ever taken! It has provided me with skills that support my leadership style! It has also given me a framework for looking at situations in the workplace and in my life to get the best possible results!! I have used my skill set to coach and mentor other managers and staff to success with their issues!! I highly recommend the course to all of my colleagues!!

Gail Carroll, Director of Employee Support Programs, St. John’s Nursing Home Board, St. John’s, NL, Canada

We effectively used the principles and concepts from the ADR workshops to radically alter our traditional competitive mode of wage and salary negotiations with the Trade Union. Though the Trade Union initially displayed reluctance to engage in the process, and this led to unnecessary and avoidable protraction, they eventually came along and our negotiations were eventually and amicably settled via ADR. Our relationship with the Trade Union has also improved as a result. There is now a greater level of trust for both our groups.

Vernon De Leon, Unilever Caribbean Limited, Champ Fleur, Trinidad & Tobago

This is the best training course I have ever been to and I look forward to putting it into practice. I am actually disappointed that the course is almost over.

Kylie McNair, Employee Relations, Knox City Council, Knox City, Australia

I have used my Stitt Feld Handy training to become part of the Internal Mediator Network here at the Canada Revenue Agency. Since taking the training I have used my skill set to advance my career and I am now an Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisor and use my training almost daily. The organization has benefited as we have been implementing Interest Based Negotiation principles for the past few years and the training I received has made that transition more efficient. I hope to continue taking more courses to further enhance my career possibilities.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Canada Revenue Agency, Ottawa, ON, Canada

After I attended your session, I went back to my unit with a new perspective on how differing needs could be met if we worked for win-win solutions. I have since incorporated this structure and these skills into my project related negotiations and I find that achieving buying in has become considerably easier.

Donna Springer, First Caribbean International Bank, St. Lucy, Barbados

Discursive method meant the information was taken in more easily. I liked the variety of methods – some lectures, some reading, role-play, and watching and dissecting videos. Watching demos and videos was particularly helpful. The premises were very good – convenient, comfortable and excellent catering. I thought the course was comprehensive, informative, interesting and well-worth the fee.

Judith Bryant, Barrister, Wilberforce Chambers, London, UK

Excellent balance between classroom learning and practical application. I found huge value in the day-to-day application of these skills – to identify issues, concerns, feelings and options to better solve problems. Everyone can use this course for practical application in our daily lives, both at work and at home. All instructors were very good.

Barry Mosiondz, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, ON, Canada

The workshop was excellent and met my expectations. I now feel better equipped to cope with difficult situations.

Susan Darrell, Accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hamilton, Bermuda

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