A Dedication Part 2 to Peter Dreyer & Nayla Mitha
By Tonia Robinson – Oct. 5, 2007

It’s good to be great!
It’s even better to feel great!
But when you meet two people who are
Exceptional at doing both
And teaching others to do the same
Where life has serious rules in its game
I tell you I must on behalf of us
Say to them thank you by name
So a heart-felt thank you to Peter & Nayla
The Advanced ADR will have you on your feet
With many a challenge for you to meet
Exciting role plays, not taking anything personal
But rather focussing on how the principled process flows
If the room is getting heated and emotions are running high
Call a caucus and not a knife
What are your interests? Listen to mine!
What are the issues keeping us behind?
Vision 20/20, first world status?
Must include an ADR Program preferably
By Stitt Feld & Handy to resolve
Unnecessary conflict and sometimes family feuds
Life need not be impossible or hard or even sad
Just remember what Peter said in the Basic ADR
That happiness is not the absence of conflict
But the ability to deal with it effectively
This Peter and Nayla strategically
Taught you and taught me