The Applied Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop is the most challenging and most unique mediation workshop we offer and for many it is the final piece in their Executive Certificate in Conflict Management.  It is very hands-on and there are fewer lectures than in the other workshops.

You will deal with complex mediation issues such as: use of pre-mediation caucuses, closing the gap between parties, dealing with ethical challenges and multi-party disputes.


You will participate in eight challenging mediation role-plays, each of which is coached. The role-plays are followed by instructor-led debriefs on advanced mediation and conflict resolution skills. The role-plays will cover key skills for dispute resolution and mediation including:

  • dealing with parties who withhold or mislead on important facts;
  • how to mediate with lawyers and with unrepresented parties;
  • resolving complex issues;
  • evaluative and facilitative facilitation styles;
  • shuttle mediation techniques;
  • using pre-mediation meetings and caucuses;
  • mediating purely financial cases;
  • working from and towards a draft agreement;
  • handling ethical challenges, harassment issues, racism, strong emotions, and
  • entrenched history;
  • dealing with unreasonable parties;
  • confidentiality issues; and
  • obtaining closure.

Observe a Real Mediation

After the course, you will have the opportunity to sit in on a real mediation in Toronto with one of our mediators.

Workshop includes 9 mediation case studies (of which each participant will do 8) and 1 video.

Experienced coaches observe mediation case studies and give feedback.  You will receive immediate and objective feedback, and insight into crucial mediation skills.


Discount Policy

  • If your organization registers 5 or more participants at one time for any of our public workshops, we will provide a 15% discount for each of those registrations. In addition, your organization will also receive 15% off on any additional registrations received in the same calendar year.
  • Alternately, if your organization submits 6 registrations for any of our public workshops during a calendar year, we will provide a 50% discount on the 6th registration. In addition, your organization will then receive a 15% discount for any additional registrations received in the same year.

I found this to be the best learning experience of the three courses (all were excellent). I liked the issues around ethics, variety and use of coaches.

– Patricia Moore, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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