The Mediation Workshop will improve your dispute resolution skills and give you the skills to mediate professionally or mediate within your organization.

You will learn how to help people resolve their differences, improve relationships and communication, mediate complex cases, deal with challenging parties, address power imbalances and move positional people towards agreement.

Personal benefits:

  • Mediate a variety of disputes including interpersonal conflicts, legal disputes and financial issues.
  • Learn to get at underlying interests
  • Identify and frame the issues to promote problem-solving
  • Structure the mediation process to maximize the chances of success and minimize potential problems
  • Modify the mediation model to suit your context and the types of disputes you most need to resolve
  • Deal with difficult or positional people in mediations
  • Get one-on-one coaching on your mediation style
  • Feel more confident handling a variety of complex disputes and difficult mediation situations.

Practical and Interactive Training

We offer intensive and interactive learning experiences for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and case studies, with instructor feedback. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your situation.

Session Details


  • Use the 7 Elements of Principled Negotiation
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Be creative to get better results
  • Decide when should you say yes to a deal and when should you walk away
  • Observe a live mediation demonstration
  • Find people’s underlying interests
  • Understand and facilitate the 7 stages of mediation
  • Mediate legal disputes
  • Mediate distributive problems (a fixed pie) when parties do not desire an ongoing relationship
  • Deal with parties who are not forthcoming
  • Mediate when lawyers are present
  • Manage confidentiality concerns
  • Observe a professional mediator on video
  • Close the gaps between parties and move them through to closure
  • Help parties craft appropriate settlement agreements
  • Encourage reluctant people to use ADR
  • Deal with lawyers and difficult personalities
  • Mediate within the workplace
  • Modify the mediation model for other contexts

The workshop includes 1 negotiation case study, 5 mediation case studies, lectures, 3 videos, and a mediation demonstration.

About the Stitt Feld Handy Group

The Stitt Feld Handy Group offers professional development programs around the world. We provide courses that teach how to mediate, negotiate better deals, communicate more effectively, improve customer service and improve workplace coaching skills.

Since 1994, we have trained over 45,000 executives and professionals in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. We have held workshops in St. Lucia and across the Caribbean and have trained professionals to become mediators across the world. We are a division of ADR Chambers, which is the largest provider of dispute resolution services in the world.

I enjoyed the entire workshop – in particular the way the role-plays each emphasized a different element of the mediation process so that we built our skills almost seamlessly! Very well structured!

– Sheila Thorne, Mediation and Dispute Resolution Specialist, Sheila Thorne Mediation, Bromley, UK

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