Description of organization:
BDO USA is a leading multi-service accounting services firm with 64 offices and more than 5000 staff across the U.S., providing audit, tax, consulting and advisory services to an array of national and international companies and organizations. Founded in 1910, BDO USA is part of a global network and services more than a dozen major industry sectors with revenues in excess of $1 billion as of fiscal year end 6-30-15.

Description of custom training provided by the Stitt Feld Handy Group:
Since 2003, the Stitt Feld Handy Group has provided more than 30 multi-day workshops for BDO, on topics including enhanced negotiation skills, dealing with difficult people, and managing difficult conversations. For much of that period, SFHG has been a core provider of training for BDO’s Leadership Institute (BLI) and its precursor, BDO Sales College. In that context SFHG has trained BDO’s rising stars and future leaders in the art and science of managing negotiations and difficult conversations effectively. SFHG has designed highly tailored workshops imparting key skills adapted to the real world context in which BDO operates, using real examples from BDO’s environment.

In delivering their workshops, SFHG instructors and course designers are highly attentive to the needs of BDO staff, adapting material and instruction to meet evolving needs year to year, and designing new curriculum for ongoing new requests within BDO’s training environment. In an atmosphere where participants are very busy professionals, SFHG has always made their training highly relevant and useful to BDO’s practice.

Feedback from participants:
“I thought the topic and examples were key to what BDO does and will aid me in my development.”

“The instructor was dynamite!  He engaged the participants and got a lot out of the group.  His use of real world examples during the discussions brought real life to the case studies.  The course pulled together a lot of different negotiation aspects and put them into a more clear, concise and usable format for the future.”

“Very effective, real life situations and useful tools to use.”

“Instructor does a great job of recognizing our business and adjusting conversation accordingly.”

“I feel I can apply these concepts immediately back in the office/meetings.”

“Excellent instructor. Not only was he prepared thoroughly, his passion for teaching the principles of negotiation was demonstrated throughout the course.”