This workshop was amazing. It has left me wanting more. The content, the flow and the facilitators were all second to none. The instructors were both amazing. Their knowledge base and style was riveting. Role-plays and exercises: truly the best way to learn. Putting to practice what you learn is a luxury you don’t typically have. Truly an amazing workshop.

Martin Tame, Seneca College, Vaughan, ON, Canada

The application of what we learned by means of role-play was very powerful and put a “reality” perspective on what was being taught.

Guido Paniccia, Elite Construction Inc., Concord, ON, Canada

This course was very successful and efficient in teaching its objectives. Alternating between role-play and debrief sessions made the learning very enjoyable. Being able to negotiate with different students throughout the course made the role-plays that much more real. The instructors are fantastic! They are very articulate and demonstrated expertise and passion in the subject matter.

Matt Choi, Hyundai, Oakville, ON, Canada

Very impressed with the quality of the presentations and the level of energy and knowledge shown by the instructors. They expressed clear ideas and interacted with the audience throughout the course. This was a very effective method for learning and this course was practical and directly applicable to my workplace.

Darie Urbanky, CI Investments, Toronto, ON, Canada