The workshop has assisted me tremendously in the execution of my professional responsibilities. Thank you for a brilliant experience.

Gillian Lucky, Police Complaints Authority, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Really enjoyed practical nature of the course and how it was balanced with theory. Extremely beneficial to learn from different people and unique styles while gaining practical experience.

Laura Gemmell, Indian and Northern Affairs, Hull, QC, Canada

Provided tangible, practical tools for having difficult conversations. Even the day of and after the session, I was able to convey some of the lessons learned to others and apply them in my life. A life-changing workshop.

Julie Desrosiers, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada

I learned some very solid techniques in this course that I will be able to use immediately. I thought both instructors were great in explaining concepts, giving relevant examples and they certainly kept me entertained and engaged.

Miranda McCulloch, HR, Mold-Masters Limited, Georgetown, ON, Canada

In my work I experience all sorts of “difficult” people. Using real life examples, this workshop provided me with great insight into why people and situations can be difficult, together with some great tools for addressing difficulty in the future. Everyone encounters difficult people and can take away something valuable from this workshop.

Marc Bhalla, Elia Associates, Toronto, ON, Canada

The workshop has been extremely enlightening. It has helped to formulate specific skills and strategies which I found useful since I interact with the general public on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

Monica E. Walton, Government of Barbados, Ministry of Education, Bridgetown, Barbados

Excellent workshop – topics, presentation, interaction, forced to self-evaluate, was personally and professionally relevant. Instructors: Fabulous and good personal stories to link in. I would recommend it as a “must do”.

Keri-Lynn Power, Robert Regular Law Office, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada

This was one of the best courses/workshops I’ve attended and really provided valuable relevant information on communication in general and specifically dealing with difficult people and situations. Thank you.

Heather White, Minto Group, Kanata, ON, Canada

The workshop met all of my expectations. It provided an outlet for deep introspection – to get at the “what is in your psyche” that stops you from dealing with difficult situations. Role plays and exercises were effective. They gave cause for reflection about how you can broaden your analytical skills and perceptions when dealing with situations and what makes people (and yourself) act the way we do.

Paula Brathwaite, Barbados Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd., Bridgetown, Barbados

It was very informative and it was not only about lectures but you were put into scenarios where you had to use your skills. These situations are everyday. Role plays and exercises were very informative and it took away the classroom environment and placed you into an enjoyable place where you learn about other partners and made friends.

Angela Duprey, Medical Supplies ‘R’ Us Ltd., Arima, Trinidad & Tobago