The instructors had broad legal knowledge and easily picked up on examples from the audience. There were lots of tips to help facilitate improved communication with clients and families in Long Term Care.

Christine Whitmore, Family Physician, Oakville, ON, Canada

I liked the practical approaches to real life situations in elder care.  The exercises were very helpful in improving skills and testing framing the conversations.

Catherine Hogan, Director, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

The workshop was very engaging.  The instructors displayed great knowledge.  The role plays were highly valuable.

Ian Burcher, Client Services Co-ordinator, Independence Centre and Network, Sudbury, ON, Canada

I liked the fact that it was a mixture of hands-on and instructional training.  The instructors were excellent at engaging the participants.

Paul McDowell, Client Services Supervisor, Independence Centre and Network, Sudbury, ON, Canada

I really like the breakout sessions, the interactive discussions, the video examples and the role plays.  It is great to put theory into practise.

Marie-Josee Lafontaine, Owner, Scarborough Retirement Residence, Toronto, ON, Canada

The instructors were great.  They explained well using examples in the field we are in.  The role plays were excellent.  I don’t usually like role plays but I was made very comfortable during this workshop.

Debbie Stipetic, Advocate, Christie Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada

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