The modules in the Difficult Conversations Course caused me to think outside the box and really analyze how to approach conflict. This course showed me I approach things not as effective as I once thought.The interaction was amazing!

Breonna Livingston, Student, Masters of Arts in Communication, Arizona State University

The scenarios were excellent and many choices plausible. In many situations I thought I nailed it-only to be reminded I missed a crucial element!

Susan Edwards, Upper Canada District School Board, Carleton Place, ON, Canada

I really appreciate the coaching as we go through the questions/role plays — it helped me to understand where I was going wrong and what I wasn’t taking into consideration

Cheryl Terrell, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON, Canada

It wasn’t as easy as I thought. The scenarios give you lots to consider. I liked that you explained what was wrong with each response. Makes you reflect on how you choose your words.

Alana Jones, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, ON, Canada

I liked the helpful hints through the conversations. It felt interactive, like the instruction was with you the whole time.

Hillary Every, Hurrion & Associates Ltd., Warwick, Bermuda

Great scenarios! I liked the ability to change responses and see different outcomes. Teachable moments!

Karen McGill, Seneca College, Toronto, ON, Canada

I found the tips and notes after each module to be very insightful. This course is truly for a wide audience dealing with a large variety of relationships, conversations and interactions. Very well done. I liked the wide array of situations and how strong emotions were at play. The situations are very realistic and excellent learning conversations opportunities.

Brenda Augerman-Audette, Ministry of Transportation, St. Catherines, ON, Canada

Even though it’s done through animation and Q&A format, it was actually quite challenging. I was surprised how many times I had to re-start the module to understand and come to the correct answer. I did well in the first module, so thought it would be easy to complete the rest. I was wrong. After getting wrong answers, it made me stop and think about each possible response and how the other person would react to it. This exercise was very helpful. [What I liked most about the course were] the nuances to each response. Many were similar, so I had to stop and think about the possible reaction. It forced me to slow down.

Valerie DeSouza, Morneau Shepell, Ajax, ON, Canada

I’m glad that I took this online course. It provided a number of different scenarios including different personalities, no different that in real life.

Mark-Denis McGrath, Nalcor Energy-Lower Churchill Project, St. John’s, NL, Canada

Makes you focus on others and their perceptions, thoughts and concerns rather than trying to get your point or thoughts out for them to see/hear/understand. [What I liked most about the course was the] ability to interrupt and return to it and pick up basically where you left off.

Steven Hay, Government of Nunavut, Iqaluit, NU, Canada