It was designed to assist you to think through the best option. This is really an avid learning tool from the comfort of your home.

Nigel Marquez, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

One of the most challenging yet enjoyable courses I have done. The interactivity made a very challenging course entertaining and I couldn’t wait to tackle the next module.

Jonathan Kruger Newton, Life Solutions China, Hong Kou District, Shanghai

[What I liked most about the course was] the many seemingly good options that took you to an end yet led you back to negotiate for a better deal. The explanations after each attempt were very helpful.

Peter Bourassa, Ontario Power Generation, Courtight, ON, Canada

Before I started this online course I did not know how to negotiate at all; it helped me understand the process. I liked the different choices I could make in negotiations that lead to different outcomes.

Abby White, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A

I think negotiation skills can only be developed by practice, and this course is addressed to be learned as a practical method.

Ernesto Laphond, Grupo Alce, Chihuahua, Mexico

The course was excellent and made you think outside the box. I thought that all the modules were great.

Malcolm D’Cruz, FedEx Express Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

It was more challenging and helpful than any other e-learning course I have ever taken, almost as good as being there interacting in person.

Thomas Fagan, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ottawa, ON, Canada

All of the modules were very challenging. Skills learned in the previous courses were so useful in the online course. I value the notes at the end of the modules. The modules made me think out of the box and answers that you thought might be likely, weren’t. I really had to think hard using all the strategies/skills I learned previously.

Patricia Oakes, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto, ON, Canada

There were so many positives: (1) The fact that it is online and I can do it in my own time, at my own pace in my own home; (2) The negotiation situations presented were actually a bit challenging and I was able to learn from my mistakes without making a real life mistake; (3) The technology was extremely well utilized, everything flowed so easily from one screen to the next. The fact that each alternative answer led to a different result was true to life I believe, and being able to go back and try all the alternatives provided an opportunity to walk down each road and learn from the results … and therefore learn what are the right choices to make in similar situations.

Homida Mohammed, Global Materials Incorporated, South Valsayn, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

The situations that I was called upon to resolve were realistic. The “stolen telephone module was really good because it challenged my assumptions. I really had to think about my next question, and if asking it would advance the dialogue and get me what I wanted. It was a big challenge to realize that what the other person wanted, their interests, were just as legitimate as mine!

Zenobia Campbell-James, Hugh Law School, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.