The scenarios were very real. I like that you also included every day situations that involved relationships. It certainly wasn’t easy and it seemed that you had to go back and start over all the time but there was value in the teaching points. Negotiating is not easy! Scenarios were great. Just when you think you are making the right choices…it turns out that you didn’t and you have to walk through it all again. That was the best part and also the worst part but good for learning.

Alana Jones, Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, ON, Canada

It was engaging and forced me to seriously consider the slight differences in my approach. I liked the module notes that assisted in connecting what I had done in the simulation to specific, practical negotiating tactics.

Kara McCarthy-Cawthra, The Christian Labour Association of Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

I liked the great, simulated experiences with various issues covered in each one. I also appreciated the ability to interact with it and try different answers to learn from the process without the pressure of real people and real issues… it slows it down and unlike role playing it allows you to focus on the learning not on playing the parts.

Todd Rutkowski, Epic Group Companies, Calgary, AB, Canada

This course really tested my negotiation skills. Each module was progressively more difficult and challenging. I am positive it has improved my negotiating skills.

Jennilyn Hamblyn-Raphael

Very worthwhile. Good, realistic scenarios. I found it very challenging. The opportunity to go back and learn (the hard way!) was very beneficial.

John Box, JM Box Consulting Services, Windsor, ON, Canada

I thought the scenarios were well constructed and very realistic. It was challenging and allowed me to think in a positive and constructive manner. The format, visuals and human-like interaction facilitated a positive learning experience.

Daniel Buckingham

The interactive element was engaging and helped learning through mistakes. Assistance was provided when needed and the notes at the end of each module are helpful for further study.

Janelle Sayers

I’ve taken other negotiations courses (university) before, but this hands on approach is really, really effective.

Douglas Giles

Keeps the candidate interested … I laughed out loud several times. Informative and presents a broad range of situations. Well organized.

Kurt Hanzlik