The virtual instructor-led role plays and exercises helped to put in practice the principles of negotiation and mediation.

Shelly-ann Boyce, Senior Legal Assistant, National Insurance Office, Bridgetown, Barbados

The virtual instructor-led format worked great. I appreciated the chance to work on the skills that I have never focused on before.

Jackie Robinson, Superintendent of Education,  Northwest Catholic DSB, Dryden, ON, Canada


I completely enjoyed the training. I found it to be such an excellent method of delivery. The virtual setting allowed for lectures, breakout opportunities and videos (nice variety).

Jim Pellegrini, Corporate Educator, Central Overseas Education Services Limited, Toronto, ON, Canada

The virtual role plays are an incredible way to learn new ways to negotiate and to approach problems. I also learned a lot during the lectures and from the instructor and coach feedback.

Joshua Valler, Lawyer, Barriston Law, Barrie, ON, Canada

The virtual instructor-led workshop was one of the best ones that I have ever participated in (and believe me I have gone to many all over the world). During the virtual workshop we were able to replicate going into breakout rooms, asking questions, connecting with our instructors and peers, etc. I feel it is also a good way to connect with participants from other countries that we would not have had an opportunity to engage with except for this virtual training.

Monica Francis, Supply Principal, Toronto District School Board, Toronto, ON, Canada