Great detail and real life experiences provided that relate to my role and personal life. This was great!
Shawna Bridgewater, Rogers Communications, Toronto, ON, Canada

The role plays and exercises were very useful. They allowed for purposeful practice, using gained knowledge right away to feel comfortable with customer service situations.

Lesley Hand, Customer Service, Goesy, Hamilton, ON, Canada

The workshop taught me how to look behind someone’s anger. The Instructors were very interactive with us and our views and take on situations. The exercises were well met by us and enjoyable due to the fact that the situations were real life situations being dealt with on a day-to-day basis.

Rosanne Sealey-Paul, Environmental Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

I liked that the workshop steps on how to evaluate a situation and use positive interpersonal skills professionally or personally. The instructors are all very friendly and made the information fun without dry theories.

Christina Schroen, Downtown Montessori, Toronto, ON, Canada

The instructor engaged everyone in the group, had a calm and friendly manner, and treated everyone equally. As much as I dislike doing role plays and exercises, they really were great, giving you the opportunity to utilize and test new skills.

Lindsay Slaven, Administration, Town of Georgina, Keswick, ON, Canada

Very interactive – lots of opportunity to reflect on what is being taught. The instructor was very effective in delivery of the information and helpful in understanding the information. The role plays and exercises allowed opportunity to immediately practise what we learned.

Lara MacNeil, William Osler Health System, Brampton, ON, Canada

It was very educational, explaining how to deal with difficult customers.  The role plays provided a great experience and were a mind opener.

Kathy-Ann Brathwaite, Assistant Manager, Sugar Bay, Christ Church, Barbados

Very informative; showed/displayed how to easily diffuse situations; knowledgeable. A good experience and showed how persons think and react to situations.

Lisa Austin, Customer Service, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance, St. Michael, Barbados

For anyone new to customer service, this course has helpful tools that can be applied, instead of just theory. It was also validating.

Jessica Elinord, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, Ottawa, ON, Canada

I liked how interactive the workshop was, and not like a boring lecture. It kept me awake and actively listening.

Kafi Farrell, Environmental Commission of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

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