Having an aversion to computer-based training, I was initially skeptical. Once into it I found it quite entertaining and could have sat and worked on it all morning. The modules were quite engaging, and the use of humour helped overcome some level of the frustration at times. The fact that you could go back to the start of the module, or last completed level and attempt to do better was a bonus – something you can’t really achieve in a classroom setting. I liked being able to pick a deliberately positional option to see how the negotiation would have (or have not) progressed. This did involve my being punched in the nose at one point! Being able to do a module at a time was beneficial. I did a module a day so that it did not cause too much disruption to work, and had a chance to reflect on the notes from the previous module. The process is not as confronting as classroom training – may be an advantage to some people, so that they can explore different ways of communicating without feeling threatened or nervous. It gets you interested in the whole negotiating concept and I found I was quite disappointed when it was all finished!

Julia Brett, Directorate of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, Russell Offices, Australia