Being an introvert according to the MBTI is not always all fun and games. So I thought I’d share a few my internal musings for those of you who also need time alone to recharge your batteries. What I’ve come to realize over the many months that I have been studying personality types, negotiation styles, and where I fit into this picture is that it is okay to take a break when you need one… really… it is. I have come to accept the fact that I’m not going to be at my best if I am placed in situation after situation where I have to “extravert”, (i.e. giving a talk, socializing with a crowd of new people, attending an event with a bunch of colleagues, etc.). I think that I know myself well enough now that I can predict when I will need a break to recharge and I’m much more comfortable with allowing myself to take that time. So for those of you who also cringe at the thought of giving an afternoon presentation, then attending a company dinner, and then going to a baseball game with clients, here’s a thought: consider allowing yourself permission to take a break, not participate, or reschedule. It may just make the activities that you engage in more meaningful.