Here are some interesting tips for running a meeting from Sam Horn’s book Tongue Fu!

(1) One person speak at a time

We’ve all heard this one before, but what was new for me, was the suggested method of enforcement: Look at the original speaker and say “Excuse me (name of speaker), let’s wait until we have everyone’s attention”. Do not look at the interrupter, so as not to embarrass him or her. If the interrupter continues talking, repeat your call to order. Only after everyone is silent give the floor back to the original speaker.

(2) Participants can speak only once on each agenda item until everyone who wants to contribute has had a chance to do so.

(3) Each person can speak for 2 minutes (or substitute your own reasonable time limit) at a time. This forces people to speak succinctly. You can appoint someone to be the timekeeper and give a 10-second warning.