Workplaces are starting to re-open and with these re-openings will come some difficult conversations about physical distancing, wearing masks and other issues related to COVID-19.

Do you have a strategy to address COVID-19 related difficult conversations? Do you and your staff know what to say to an employee, colleague, client or customer who is not complying with COVID-19 protocols? Are you confident in speaking up when your health or the health of others may be at risk?

Having the ability to manage difficult conversations has always been an important skill in the workplace. However, having to speak to a colleague who is not physically distancing, a client who is not wearing a mask, or a staff member who is resistant to new health & safety protocols, are conversations that can put you and your organization’s health at risk if not handled effectively. Therefore, as workplaces transition to the ‘new normal’, having the tools and techniques to have challenging conversations is now essential to successfully navigate the new high-risk environment.

During the webinar we:
Share the E.A.S.E model to conduct challenging conversations related to COVID 19 – with ease;
Provide practical tools that you can use right away to increase your success in difficult conversations;
Give you key words and phrases that you can use – in the moment, when difficult situations catch you off guard; and
Answer some questions.

This is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to share a learning experience and leave with a common language, tools, and techniques to enhance communication in your workplace.