The Stitt Feld Handy Group offers professional development programs around the world. 

During COVID-19 our training is delivered online using live instructors and coaches. We provide courses that teach how to resolve conflicts, negotiate better deals, communicate more effectively, improve customer service and improve workplace coaching skills.

Since 1994, we have trained over 55,000 executives and professionals in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. We are a division of ADR Chambers, which is the largest provider of dispute resolution services in the world. We also provide coaching, consultation and other workplace services that may be of assistance to you or your organization.

Specialized Faculty

Be inspired by our highly trained, experienced and passionate faculty. All of our instructors are professional negotiation consultants, mediators, coaches, course designers and facilitators. We practise what we teach, so that we can teach you the latest techniques.

Practical and Interactive Training

We offer intensive and interactive learning experiences for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and role-plays, with two-way and coached feedback. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your situation.

Save Time, Energy and Money

Whether you want to enhance productivity, reduce the cost of doing business, negotiate better deals or build practical skills, our training will help you achieve your goals.

Customize Your Training

We specialize in designing and delivering customized training to meet your specific learning objectives and workplace issues. Together we will identify your key training needs and design a program to meet them. Participants will leave your program with new skills that are immediately applicable to your workplace.

Without question, this was the best and clearly the most applicable workshop that I have ever attended. I enjoyed the format and the exercises as well as the trainers. They delivered their material from such an extensive frame of reference and were helpful and very effective.

Jim J. Spina, Canada Border Services Agency, Ottawa, ON, Canada


Graduates of all our multi-day public workshops and online courses receive a certificate from the University of Windsor Law School.
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