The June 8-11, 14, 15 session will be Virtual Instructor-Led using ZOOM technology. It will run from 1:00 – 5:30 (Eastern Time) daily.

Conflict resolution skills are always important. In difficult times, they become crucial. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques help people to resolve conflict by cultivating cooperation and understanding. It enhances people’s ability to find solutions to challenging problems without creating further conflict. Above all, it seeks to protect the relationship while solving the problem. It is also the tool used by mediators to resolve conflicts. You will learn how to use Principled Negotiation, developed at Harvard, and learn how to mediate disputes. You will develop the practical skills and techniques you need to resolve disputes effectively and with confidence.

Using ZOOM, the program will continue to be interactive and engaging, involving exercises, small group discussions and coached mediation role plays. We are limiting the session to 18 participants.

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Session Details


  • Determine what causes conflict
  • Manage relationships, trust and communication
  • Identify your negotiation tendencies
  • Avoid negotiation pitfalls
  • Determine which negotiation style is best for you
  • Avoid making dangerous assumptions
  • Use the 7 Elements of Principled Negotiation
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Be creative to get better results
  • Determine what you should disclose in negotiation
  • Decide when you should say yes to a deal and when you should walk away
  • Be more persuasive and still maintain relationships
  • Determine which negotiation style is best for you
  • Deal with strong emotions
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Form coalitions in negotiations
  • Build alliances and use independent criteria to protect yourself in negotiations
  • Find people’s underlying interests
  • Understand and facilitate the 7 stages of mediation
  • Mediate to resolve disputes between other parties
  • Resolve workplace conflict
  • Prevent mediations from getting out of control
  • Observe a live mediation demonstration
  • Understand and facilitate the 7 stages of mediation
  • Practice mediation session
  • Coached mediations to provide guidance and feedback
  • Find party’s underlying interests in mediation
  • Facilitate the 7 stages of mediation
  • Coached mediations to provide guidance and feedback

The workshop includes 6 negotiation case studies, 3 mediation case studies, videos and a mediation demonstration.

Experienced coaches observe mediation case studies and give feedback. You will receive immediate and objective feedback, and insight into crucial mediation skills.

Participants will be given a copy of the book Mediating Commercial Disputes, a business book bestseller, written by Allan Stitt.

Virtual Instructor Led Learning Features


Smaller classes for more interaction with the facilitators Breakout sessions to engage with other participants Access to videos and handouts for future reference Live coached feedback during mediation role plays Interactive and engaging live virtual sessions

Discount Policy

  • If your organization registers 5 or more participants at one time for any of our public workshops, we will provide a 15% discount for each of those registrations. In addition, your organization will also receive 15% off on any additional registrations received in the same calendar year.
  • Alternately, if your organization submits 6 registrations for any of our public workshops during a calendar year, we will provide a 50% discount on the 6th registration. In addition, your organization will then receive a 15% discount for any additional registrations received in the same year.

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A $150 discount applies if you register for both the ADR and Advanced ADR Workshops at the same time.

It was an interactive and fun learning experience. Absolutely essential to anyone in a people management role. I wouldn’t change anything! The instructors were very effective and speaking from personal experience was very helpful.

– Danielle Germansky, Scotia Bank, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Graduates receive a certificate from the University of Windsor Law School.

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Up to $10,000 available per person.

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ADR Institute of Ontario

Completion of the ADR and Advanced ADR workshops will satisfy the educational requirements for membership in the ADR Institute of Ontario. To attain a Qualified Mediator Designation (Q.Med) in Ontario, you will have to complete 40 hours of basic mediation training and 40 hours of specialized mediation and related training.