Do you find yourself:

  • Looking for real world coaching practice?
  • Wanting one-on-one mentoring on your coaching skills?
  • Seeking better ways to coach and mentor people effectively?
  • Wondering how to hone your coaching skills and build your confidence as a coach?
  • Needing tips on providing effective structured coaching?
  • Feeling frustrated with your ability to manage and direct a coaching session?
  • Looking for better ways to identify your clients’ goals in coaching sessions?
  • Having to help others deal with conflict?
  • Having difficulty managing strong emotions in your coaching conversations?

Do you want:

  • Better coaching skills?
  • More organization and structure in your approach to coaching and mentoring conversations?
  • Your clients to develop a good working rapport with you when you coach them?
  • To help your coaching clients build greater capacity?
  • Your coaching and mentoring to actually effect change?
  • To learn better ways to motivate your employees to enhance performance?
  • To better explore and shift your client’s perspectives in meaningful ways?
  • Tools and templates to hone your learning as a coach?

Who Should Attend

Managers, team leaders, human resource professionals, consultants, lawyers, union representatives, educators, counsellors, ombuds personnel, mediators, coaching professionals and others will all benefit from this workshop.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their practical ability to coach others to:

  • Improve performance
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Make effective decisions
  • Reach their maximum potential

In this Coaching Practicum you will learn to:

  • Apply the practical seven step Progress Model of Coaching to a variety of real world clients and their problems
  • Use your coaching skills and the tools and templates from Coaching for a Better Workplace Workshop to be a better coach
  • Handle single session and multi-session coaching assignments
  • Get the most from your clients and employees by building on their potential
  • Refine the critical competencies required by an effective coach
  • Learn from your own coaching experiences and from the one-on-one mentoring of our instructors
  • Have more effective coaching conversations
  • Develop your suite of approaches and questions designed to develop deeper understanding and critical thinking skills
  • Improve your ability to help clients craft concrete action plans
  • Hone a variety of coaching tools and techniques appropriate to the person and issue
  • Analyze options with real clients and encourage the selection of durable options
  • Develop ways to get even reluctant individuals to buy into the coaching/mentoring process
  • Keep clients on track and follow through so that doable plans are implemented
  • Identify and target client progress

Coaching skills we develop in this workshop include:

  • Your ability to make nuanced effective coaching choices;
  • Identifying a client’s goals and concerns
  • Active listening/deeper enquiry
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Challenging a client’s thinking constructively
  • Broadening client perspectives
  • Balancing client self-direction and effective progress
  • Supportive enquiry that makes clients feel heard and understood
  • Building confidence and encouraging development
  • Choosing tools appropriate for the client/employee and their purpose
  • Motivating a client/employee for change
  • Targeting appropriate pathways for coaching/mentoring
  • Helping clients develop doable effective plans
  • Following up to ensure plans are implemented and adapted

This workshop will help you by providing:

  • An opportunity to coach multiple clients on real world issues
  • Timely direct feedback on your coaching skills from an expert
  • Self-development tools and approaches that will last you a lifetime
  • Focused planning and review of real coaching sessions on a variety of topics
  • More practical tools for use in coaching and mentoring

Program Content

During the practicum, you will:

  • Coach at least 5 different clients of your choosing on real world issues within a flexible time frame of 2 years or less at your own pace
  • Coach for at least 15 logged hours in total
  • Coach at least 2 of those clients for consecutive coaching sessions
  • Receive 3.5 hours of direct one-on-one mentoring on your coaching skills from one of our experienced coaching instructors, in a variety of formats as you progress through your coaching sessions
  • Receive templates and materials to guide your development as a coach
  • One coaching session will be videotaped for instructor review and feedback

Practicum coaching sessions do not need to be paid sessions.

Coaching during the Coaching for a Better Workplace Workshop does not count towards the practicum requirements.

Prerequisites for Registration in the Practicum

To commence the practicum, you are required to have already completed:

These prerequisites are designed to give you greater proficiency with many of the tools that you can use as a coach in your sessions. We recommend that you complete all required courses for the Advanced Certificate in Workplace Coaching as early in the practicum as possible, to maximize the tools available for you to practise.