The July 7-9 session will be Virtual Instructor-Led using ZOOM technology. It will run from 8:30 – 4:30 (Eastern Time) daily.

If you are avoiding conversations, wishing you could be more assertive and losing patience with certain people, then the Dealing With Difficult People Workshop is right for you. You will learn skills to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with confidence. You will be engaged in practical and interactive exercises that will change the way you see and respond to difficult people and difficult situations. You will have the opportunity to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-Step II and receive a personal report containing insights into your personality type and the personality types of others. You will be given an opportunity to practise a particular difficult conversation that you select.

At the workshop you’ll be joined by a diverse group of people from various organizations. Together you will put your knowledge into action, boosting your confidence as you refine your skills.

Using ZOOM, the program will continue to be interactive and engaging, involving exercises, small group discussions and coached mediation role plays. We are limiting the session to 24 participants.

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Session Details


  • Assess what makes a conversation difficult
  • Start a difficult conversation effectively
  • Confront bad behaviour
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Identify personality types and understand your own
  • Understand how different personality types contribute to problems in the workplace

At the end of the day you will receive your personal Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)-Step II report. The MBTI is designed to provide valuable information about personality types and with over 2 million people completing the Indicator each year, it is the most well-researched and trusted tool in the world for understanding why and how people are different.

According to the MBTI, all types are equally desirable and valuable. While all types are equally valuable, the differences between types can lead to conflict and frustration. The MBTI is one technique for helping each of us gain insight into our own personalities. This can provide us with helpful information about when we are at our best and what doesn’t work so well for us. The MBTI also provides practical information on communication styles, decision-making styles, and how different people deal with change and conflict. These insights can assist us to understand, motivate, and interact most effectively with all the different personality types.

  • Determine what triggers you and others
  • Avoid common mistakes in communicating
  • Manage emotions and self-defensive reactions effectively
  • Listening effectively in challenging circumstances
  • Managing people you don’t have time for
  • Get to the root of a problem
  • Avoiding the blaming traps
  • Disagree without escalating the conflict
  • Prepare for a tough conversation using an efficient template
  • Dealing with surprises
  • Deal with difficult conversations in the workplace
  • Conducting performance reviews effectively
  • Deal with difficult conversations at home
  • Developing a problem-solving toolkit to manage challenging conversations
  • Manage your own responses better to make the conversation less difficult for you
  • Know when to end a difficult conversation
  • Determine what is the best way to end a difficult conversation
  • Conquer fears around a difficult conversation

There will also be an opportunity on the final day to practise a specific skill or conversation that you have identified for yourself during the workshop. The facilitators will be available to answer any questions that may arise for you in that specific situation.

Workshop includes the MBTI exercise, 8 exercises, 3 case studies and 5 role-plays.

Virtual Instructor Led Learning Features


Smaller classes for more interaction with the facilitators Breakout sessions to engage with other participants Access to videos and handouts for future reference Interactive and engaging live virtual sessions

Discount Policy

  • If your organization registers 5 or more participants at one time for any of our public workshops, we will provide a 15% discount for each of those registrations. In addition, your organization will also receive 15% off on any additional registrations received in the same calendar year.
  • Alternately, if your organization submits 6 registrations for any of our public workshops during a calendar year, we will provide a 50% discount on the 6th registration. In addition, your organization will then receive a 15% discount for any additional registrations received in the same year.

In my work I experience all sorts of “difficult” people. Using real life examples, this workshop provided me with great insight into why people and situations can be difficult, together with some great tools for addressing difficulty in the future. Everyone encounters difficult people and can take away something valuable from this workshop.

– Marc Bhalla, Elia Associates, Toronto, ON, Canada

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