You negotiate every day with customers, suppliers, co-workers, business associates and family. You want results in your negotiations but you don’t want to fall into the destructive patterns that could damage what could be constructive relationships.

You need to make your negotiations effective by figuring out what motivates the other side and knowing when to put an offer on the table. To become a powerful negotiator, you need the skills to handle difficult people and protect yourself from having someone take advantage of you.

How do you get others to “buy-in”? How can you avoid creating long-term problems when you negotiate? How can you avoid being taken advantage of in negotiations without creating an impasse? The negotiation workshop will help you succeed where others fail by giving you practical skills that will work in the real world.

At the three-day Become a Powerful Negotiator Workshop, you will learn how to get results in negotiations. The skills you learn at the workshop are based on the theory of Principled Negotiation. Principled Negotiation as set out in the best-selling book, Getting to Yes, written by Harvard Professor Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton.

For your convenience, a continental breakfast and catered lunch will be served each day of the workshop. Snacks, coffee and drinks will be available throughout the day.

As a follow up to the in-class workshop, you will take part in our interactive online negotiation course, which you complete at your own pace and on your own time.

This workshop is part of the new Advanced Certificate in Workplace Coaching.

Practical and Interactive Training

We offer intensive and interactive training courses for professionals and executives. You will participate in dynamic exercises and case studies, with two-way and coached feedback. The concepts and approaches you will learn have proven successful in the real world, and can be applied immediately to your situation.

Who Should Attend?

The Become a Powerful Negotiator Workshop is designed for anyone who negotiates at work or at home including: executives, managers, professionals, salespeople, procurement managers, buyers, real estate agents, property managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, engineers, health care professionals, educators, customer service representatives, and labour relations specialists.

Personal Benefits

  • Become more persuasive and get what you want
  • Learn the seven elements of negotiation
  • Prepare for even the most complex negotiations effectively
  • Overcome obstacles in negotiation
  • Negotiate with unreasonable people
  • Close the gap to get to the deal
  • Know when to make the first offer, when to say yes, and when to walk away
  • Take control of a negotiation
  • Get the best deal

Organizational Benefits

  • Create value for your organization by negotiating better deals
  • Give your employees the skills and confidence they need to get better results
  • Minimize missed opportunities resulting from poor negotiation skills
  • Save your organization time and money by resolving conflicts through negotiation rather than grievances, litigation and arbitration
  • Optimize problem-solving between employees and departments through skillful negotiation
  • Help your organization to achieve more of its goals
  • Improve the management of your staff
Faculty of Law Seal

Graduates receive a certificate from the University of Windsor Law School.

I was very pleased with Stitt Feld Handy Group’s negotiation training. In the past I have taken the Harvard courses. This is by far superior.

– Theresa McVean, Bell, Toronto, ON, Canada

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