I completed a Harvard negotiation course in via ZOOM. I found the quality and organization of your courses superior to the Harvard course. In particular, Stitt Handy Group provides considerably more time for practical skill development through drills and mock mediations with coaches. Further, the smaller class size allows for more participation.

Danielle Daroux, Daroux Law, Trail, BC, Canada

It was interesting/stimulating/thought provoking. A good balance between lectures/passive “watching” activity and hands on role-play. The instructor was an excellent and intuitive teacher and also great fun.  He maintained his humour.

Alvan Meen, Solicitor, Harcus Sinclair, London, United Kingdom

Not attending this course would be detrimental to anyone’s career. Everyone can use this course information in any environment.

John Winsor, TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto, ON, Canada

This is what participatory training should be! Incredibly well structured. Excellent role-plays and a very constructive learning environment.

Marc Potvin, Dispute Resolution Centre, Astra Ontario, ON, Canada

This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended – exciting. I learned a lot about the subject, about others and about myself. Excellent instructors: top notch, very courteous, very professional, very credible, very qualified. First rate job by all involved.

Brian Randle, BDO, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

I normally hate role-plays, but I learned so much – they challenged me and helped to solidify the techniques taught in lectures.

Myra Berrub, Northwest Territories Power Corporation, Hay River, NWT, Canada

I gained valuable information that I can take away and utilize in my day-to-day life. The role-plays helped put theory into practice – I found this very useful. The instructors were instrumental in the success of the workshop – not just what was communicated but how it was communicated was great. I think the use of small anecdotes throughout the course was very powerful.

Silvana Butrico, FedEx Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

One of the only courses I have taken where you can actually feel yourself improving as the days progress. The skills learned are very easily applied to the work place and are very practical.

Robin DesLauriers, Bell Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

An enjoyable, challenging four days. Feel that will be practical for me. Good content, great resource material.

Graham Manson, Nike, Biggera Waters, Australia

This workshop exceeded my expectations and proved that ADR can be applied in all aspects of everyday life. The structure and the delivery of the information being taught was different from the ordinary customary lecture based workshops and gave you an opportunity to participate in numerous hands on exercises and role plays. The instructors were very effective as they brought excitement to the area of ADR and encouraged you to think and participate. All components of the workshop were enjoyed i.e. role plays, lectures and discussions.

Kay Sealy, Director of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, St. Michael, Barbados

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