Professional, very well presented, useful, understandable, practical. The personal coaches were very valuable. Kept my interest for 3 days, which is not easy.

Fraser Cutler, President, Swiss Re Life and Health Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

I truly got more from this course than I expected. I really enjoyed the role playing and thought this method of teaching was so beneficial. I understood the concepts rather then just memorizing a style to follow.

Patricia Simiele, McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

I was very pleased with Stitt Feld Handy Group’s negotiation training. In the past I have taken the Harvard courses. This is by far superior.

Theresa McVean, Bell, Toronto, ON, Canada

Interactive, progressively built theory and information about negotiation allowed for a broader and deeper understanding of what principled negotiation is all about. I liked the case studies and coaching feedbacks. The instructors were awesome – very engaging, informative and enthusiastic.

Corey Shaw, TD Bank Financial Group, Oakville, ON, Canada

I am leaving the workshop with a tool to benefit not only my career, but also my personal life. The instructors had a positive attitude and kept everyone motivated. I was very impressed with each presentation. I enjoyed listening and became more confident after each session.

Diane Rutherford, Troi Mailing Services, Scarborough, ON, Canada

This workshop allowed for much more practical application of the theory than I would have anticipated.  Instruction was both very concise and relevant and schedules were well observed.  I would recommend the program to anyone.

James Perry, Bombardier – MAT, Kirkland, QC, Canada

This course was an eye-opener into effective negotiations, which can be applied to everyday life. Working through the process first, then watching the same negotiation unfold on video helped to put everything into place for me. The rotation of the two instructors was very effective.

Pam Shirto, Patheon Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada

I have taken away more than I ever anticipated and this course has added value to me both personally and professionally! I loved the structure, the different scenarios and exercises provided – time well spent! SFHG identified more negotiations scenarios then I was even aware existed. This was probably the best hands-on training I have ever been to.

Uruzurum Heer, D&B Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Great workshop! I enjoyed that we were given a chance to act out different parts during practice negotiation sessions. I also enjoyed the real-life examples given by the various instructors throughout the workshops. The instructors were all excellent! Unlike other courses I’ve taken in the past, they seemed more genuine and sincere about the topic and its effectiveness (as well as limitations). Coaches were both nice and provided good feedback!

Ash Mann, Purolator Courier, Brampton, ON, Canada

I started learning from the very beginning of the course. Our instructors were excellent presenters. The instructors were very energetic and they all have a great sense of humor. Their effectiveness was quite a moving experience.

Phil Cromier, CCR Solutions, Toronto, ON, Canada