I liked breaking down difficult conversations into a process and discussing most effective ways to approach and have those conversations. Very strong presenter, kept us engaged, and was very informative. Role plays and exercises are entertaining and lighten the mood. Allows a sort of practical application for future use.

Justin Lagasse, BDO, USA

This course should be mandatory. You quickly learn why frustrations occur in the workplace and at home and learn how to eliminate them…or at least calmly understand the root of them.

Mike Carney, Bell Globemedia, Toronto, ON, Canada

This is definitely one of the best courses I have attended – and would recommend it.

Marnie Mitchell, Penrith City Council, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

I have attended many workshops and courses and this has been the most meaningful. I found the portions dealing with the emotions and the identity of individuals particularly meaningful and thought provoking. It presented me with thoughts and ideas to make me challenge what I am currently doing and enabled me to explore some of the ideas suggested in order to have better results.

Patricia Sayles, Human Resource Development Canada, Mississauga, ON, Canada

There was a lot of information provided in this course that I never thought of before; and now, knowing what I have learned, will help me tremendously in future challenging conversations. Thank you.

Genevieve David, Aircraft Certification, Transport Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

This course should be essential for anyone moving into a supervisory role or dealing with the public. It provides valuable information and useful problem-solving materials that can easily be adapted to the workplace or personal situations.

Stephen Murphy, Fairfax Printers, Chullora, New South Wales, Australia

The workshop included a complete tool kit I can take back to the office and use. The templates bring the discipline I need to prepare and in time master the art of having a difficult conversation. Instructor demonstrated absolute mastery of the subject matter. Her examples were inspiring and engaging.

Louise Parkes, Parmac Relationship Marketing Limited, Oshawa, ON, Canada

I enjoyed everything about the workshop, especially the practical exercises and the role plays. I gained valuable information from the workshop about how to deal with difficult people and conducting difficult conversations, which I can now employ in my work life and personal life. The instructors are very knowledgeable about the subjects in the course and conveyed this information sincerely, meaningfully and with many real-life examples that re-enforced the message.

Vincent Wallace Whitfield, Counsel and Attorney, Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, Nassau, The Bahamas

I thought I knew a lot until I attended this course! You have broken down the various components of conversations. The instructor was excellent. She was receptive and encouraged interaction without pressure. The exercises were though provoking, interesting and very useful.

MaryAnne Pankiw, Manager, Human Resources, GO Transit, Toronto, ON, Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I gained a lot of valuable insight as to how to deal with difficult people and situations and the methods and techniques presented. The structure of the workshop was very well set-up, the first day being theory, the second day being practice. I appreciated the role playing. It really helped me get a grasp of a lot of the key concepts and having someone there to respond, shadowing reality. It brought concepts closer to home.

Grace Poon, The Guarantee Company of North America, North York, ON, Canada